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63rd Annual Sprague Alumni Banquet

posted Sep 1, 2017, 3:10 PM by Stefani Kanzler   [ updated Sep 1, 2017, 3:11 PM ]

Sprague Alumni Banquet


The 63rd annual Sprague Alumni Association Banquet will be held October 7th, 2017 in the Sprague Grade School Multi-Purpose Room at 6:30 pm. The honor classes for this year are 1937, 1947, 1957, 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997, and 2007.

Please Take a Moment to Helpto update the Alumni Address list. Through the years we have lost touch with a number of folk. Included in this year’s mailing is a list of Graduates by year with an unknown status. If you happen to know either their address or the sad chance that they may be deceased, a few moments of your time would be appreciated if you would share your address book with ours by sending a note either via email or traditional mail.


Traditional Mail

Sprague Alumni Association

Box 171

Sprague, WA 99032

Now to the fun part of our annual celebration. First, the honor classes for this year. Followed by the “Special Highlights” offering more opportunity to visit and reminisce beyond the banquet.

Honored Classes for this year: of Sprague High School & St. Joseph’s Academy

1937: Robert Harding (d), Louis Manfred Cheatham, Irene Escure (d), Bill Ringwood (d), Elizabeth Jones Clark, Marian Moore Goers, Frances Kalkwarf Hutter, Margaret Keller Keehner, Ruth Richardson Packer, Francis Brophy (d), Hannah Stromberger Foley, Myra Stolp DeChenne (d), Dan Mills (d), Betty McElwain Slelaff (d), Irene Telecky Gilliam (d), Albert Becker (d), Louise Potts Dolan, Laura Heimbigner (d), Isabella Mathiesen Rennick (d), Bob Kelly (d), Evan Hamley, Woodrow Simmons (d).

1947: Milo Bren, Jeannette Stevenson, Doris Spuler Peterson, Beverly J. Stolp Jacobson, Joe Adams (d), Claudine Martin (d), France Rothlisberg, Helen Dill, Inez Slead Berner, Billie Jean Eichner Whited (d), Tony Algeria, Nina Raahn, Charlotte Jones Paul, Richard Black (d), Virgil Bonk, Ted Ham, Richard Whipple, Margaret Long Melville (d), Lee Ableman (d), Eugene Lobe, Elmer Mann (d), Donna Boivan Kelly (d), Juanita Lamparter Polda.

1957: Sharon Culligan, Pearlene Waters Lara, Earl Bogle, Karol Engdahl Clark, Chuck McNutt, Sharon Gardner O’Leary, Veronica Borden, Jack Lee, Joan Desmarais Cates, Donna Dunn Tareski, Ethel McMahan, mary Pat O’Leary Jack, Susan Hunsaker (d), Virginia Hayes, Shirley Garrick (d), Nancy Franks Miller.

1967: Yvonne Klein Crumley, Marcus Jarvis (d), Tom Klein (d), Wayne Scroggie, Thomas Mitchell, Suzi Stack Arndt, Rod Hill, Marsha Gau Crawford, Linda Deerheim Stokoe, Keith McKinney, Don Ringwood, Randy Holloway, Dick Sharp, Judddddddi Vollld Ringwood, Donna Smith Gilmore, Ed Seubert, Iona Kintschi, Janelle Smith Jones, Daniel Bonk, Ron Gosselin.

1977:Gale Frederick Mann, Bob Eide, Connie Shields Niemeyer, David Buob, Doug Bailey (d), Gary Bogle, Jackie Dirks, Ed Shields, Sandra Whipple Pelissier, Kathy Burke (d), Bryan Bailey (d), Patrice Power Heller, Rick Howard, Shari Nelson Bolden, Tammy Drath, Teresa Manz, Larry Brown, Terri Ruud Cole, Terry Bourne, Tim Polda, Walt Gram Jr., Mike Engles.

1987: Deanna Balfe, Wes Frederick, Traci Lane Slaaen, Robby Cannon, Nola Jackson, Debra Waggoner, Teresa Curl Kiehn, Matt Johnson, Larae Bourne Rodriguez, Kimberly Pearson Gosnell, Julie Behrens Stark, Dennis Shepherd, Amy Swain eiger, Colleen Young Gordon, Aaron Lowman Sr., Clinton Waggoner.

1997: Desiree Moss, Chris Smith, David Thompson, Melinda Kissler Canaday, Jamie Smith Geris, Josh Nolt, Melissa Morton Kjack, Jana Fox Bush, Travis McKay, Aaron Fowler, Adam Hoffman, Krysty Stanescu Moon.

2007: Jacquelynn Lowman Soderberg, Amanda Courneya Mott, Megan Gaffney, Justin Knott, Josh Frost, Michelle Hood, Dane’ Standish, Maria Rustemeyer, Ron Murphy, Ron Salisbury.

Alumni Officers: Pres. John Kraemer (’88), VP Kevin Gaffney (‘70), Sec. Stefani Kanzler (’09) 994-7022, Tres. Brooke Taylor Overstreet (‘96).

All reservations and donations should be sent to Sprague Alumni Assoc. Box 171, Sprague, WA 99032. Please respond by September 26th for food planning purposes. Served this year by Classy Country Catering. RSVP Forms are attached at the bottom of this post.

Special HighlightThe Class of 1967 and friends are invited to a no-host social gathering before the banquet. It will be held at the new Fire Station on old Airport Road. Starting at 2:00 PM, it will go until dinner time with snacks provided. Bring cameras.