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Alumni Banquet 2016

posted Sep 15, 2016, 11:48 AM by Stefani Kanzler

Sprague Alumni Banquet


The 62nd annual Sprague Alumni Association Banquet will be held October 1st, 2016 in the Sprague Grade School Multi-Purpose Room at 6:30 pm. The honor classes for this year are 1936, 1946, 1956, 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006.

Please Take a Moment to Helpto update the Alumni Address list. Through the years we have lost touch with a number of folk. Included in this year’s mailing is a list of Graduates by year with an unknown status. If you happen to know either their address or the sad chance that they may be deceased, a few moments of your time would be appreciated if you would share your address book with ours by sending a note either via email or traditional mail.


Traditional Mail

Sprague Alumni Association

Box 171

Sprague, WA 99032

Now to the fun part of our annual celebration. First, the honor classes for this year. Followed by the “Special Highlights” offering more opportunity to visit and reminisce beyond the banquet.

Honored Classes for this year: of Sprague High School & St. Joseph’s Academy

1936: Joanna Blackwood Ader (d), Emmett Retter (d), Clarence Jones (d), Daniel J. Miller (d), Russel Svhan (d), Jerry V. Voelker (d), Claire Miller Donelson (d), Robert Taylor (d), Harold Jones (d), Agnes Wieters Hammond (d), John Mills (d), Ray Kelly (d), Manis L. Rogers (d), Harry Becker, Perpetua Menzia Murray (d), Raymond Tully (d), Barbara Gumble Kleweno, Eleanor Goodwin Peterson, Marian Jones Tully (d), Philip Hertrich (d), Patricia Davis Gough (d), Teresa Escure Healy (d), Sam Darnelle (d), Clair Reiha, Elaine Nelson, Harvey Conrath (d), Bernie Smith (d), Arlene Stolp Sooy (d), Alfred Kraemer (d), Leonard Heimbigner (d), Rosina Menzia Chvatal.

1946: Leo Adams (d), Dorothy Sallenback Wood, Loren Moos (d), Thelma Countryman Cree (d), Robert Gee, Elizabeth Gress, Mary Ann Martin, Joseph Ringwood (d), Francis Spuler, Faye Raahn, Bertha Garrick, Edna Butterfield Jarvis (d), Evelyn Yohnka Kraemer, Sherman Rhodes (d), Kathleen Cronin (d).

1956: Jim Miller, Marian Dunn Thompson, Jim Fox, Linda Stanley, Agnes Borden Dauncey, Maureen Smith Bourne, Irene Tobin Colby (d), Dale Doerschlag (d), Esther Davis, Judith Heimbigner, Carol Jean Peterson Robinson, Doris Clark Dierckins, Mary Lou Perrault, Charles Frerichs (d), Larry Clark, Kay Jans Walker, Dennis Hoff (d), Evan McDonald, Marla Jo Doerschlag Dittrich, Sandra Bishop (d), John Melville (d).

1966: Mike Whipple, Russel Klein, Thomas Carter, Dr. Tery J. Brown, Jim Palasma, Phylis Reed Cousins, Ritchie DeSpain, Cheryl Duncan Robinson, David Whipple, Gary Calrson, Jim Darby, Mary Kaye Stromberger Klein, Sherry Flowers York, Christie Stack Eaton, Tom Franson, Tim Gaffney, Joanne Christensen Christie.

1976: Laurie Smigaj Margaritias, Bill Linton, Tim Johnson, Russ Keevy, Roger Carnagey (d), Randy Jarvis, Mike Jones, Jim Lee, Karen Klein Kraiss, Janna Smith Ringwood, Gary Fode (d), Don Harding, Debbie Culligan Swanson, Chet Swift, Bruce Cousins, Kim Pelissier, Irene Ringwood.

1986: Joe Lovett, Tina Swannack, Seijiro Ishibashi (exchange), Dan Shepherd, Topi Tainen (exchange), Tina Gilchrest Steinmetz, Lynn Wolfer, John Melville, Dave Wesselman, Cidy Boyle, Jussi Mokka (exchange).

1996: Heather Wilken Rose, Ryan Vold, Christina Hainline Reubens, Shannon Workman Booth, Robin Mather Harmon, Ben Hoffman, Ryan Hattrup, Bryan Moxcey, Brooke Taylor Overstreet, Desirae Victor, Star Inge Melville.

2006: Kristi Heide, Jessica Wicks, Rachel Beck, Brian Whipple, Lauren Stromberger Rafati, Stacie Shields Schultheis, Lea Shields, Derek Sauer, Andy Harding, Marcus Tesky.  

Alumni Officers: Pres. John Kraemer (’88), VP Doug Shields  (d) (’75), Sec. Stefani Kanzler (’09) 994-7022, Tres. Janet Stromberger Whipple (’75) 257-2839

All reservations and donations should be sent to Sprague Alumni Assoc. Box 171, Sprague, WA 99032. Please respond by September 26th for food planning purposes. Served this year by Classy Country Catering. RSVP Forms are attached at the bottom of this post.

Special Highlight – There will be no entertainment at the Sprague Community Center this year.

RSVP or Scholarship Fund Donation Form


____________________________________ will be attending the banquet on October 1, 2016.

RSVP to:

Sprague Alumni Association

Box 171

Sprague, WA 99032

______________ Scholarship Fund Donation

______________ # of Diners @ $15/person