High School Improvment Plan

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Sprague does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provide equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Title IX Officer & Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator: [Pat Whipple, Sprague Superintendent] [PO Box 305 Sprague, WA 99032] [509-257-2591] [pwhipple@sprague.wednet.edu] or Section 504 Coordinator: [Michelle Dennis] [PO Box 305 Sprague, WA 99032] [509-257-2591] [mdennis@sprague.wednet.edu]

Revised 10-14-15

Group:  9-12


Highly Qualified Staff:        

           Loi Lutes                     Science

           Bill Ressel                   Word Processing

           Lorrie Swanger           English and German

           Austin Miller               Agriculture and Industrial Arts

           Liz Melville                 Math, Annual, Health and Fitness

           Brent Houston                        Social Studies, Geography

           Michelle Dennis          High School Special Education

           Janet Whipple             Music and Math

           Bill Ressel                   High School Principal

Non-Highly Qualified Staff:


Targeted Area for School Improvement

           * Attendance

           * Math

           * Reading

           * Writing

           * Staff Development

           * Science


           *Community Development


HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



1)   To have 100% attendance with the exception of excused absence.  (To have no unexcused absence)

Action Plan

a)   Continue making parental contact through the office, staff and faculty in cases of absenteeism.

b)   Continue emphasizing the benefits of school attendance through the monthly newsletter.

c)   Incentive for good attendance-reward for three or fewer excused absences per semester. ASB will help plan the activities for the incentive reward.

HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



           1.)        To Increase student interest in math.

Action Plan

a.)        On those days that the school has an athletic event either home or away where the student athletes will be absent, the math teachers may use math games in their classes.

b.)        In math lessons the teachers will relate math to careers and to students’ everyday lives when applicable.

c.)        The math teachers may use an incentive program in each math class.

d.)               Encourage students to take college-bound math courses.

e.)                Continue to introduce college requirements in high school to help track students into math classes. Utilize Navigation 101 to reinforce math requirements for college admittance.


2.)        To improve each individual state test score in math.

Action Plan

a.)        Continue integrating math story problems in math classes.


b.)        Continue teaching math vocabulary in all math classes as implemented in daily lessons starting Tuesday, October 11, 2005 and assessed annually.

c.)                Continue offering state test remediation.

d.)               Use MAP test results to diagnose and target student weaknesses.




1.)        To meet or exceed the state standard.

Action Plan

a.)                Increase the number of text-based reading comprehension assignments in all applicable classes utilizing the RACE reading strategy when possible.

b.)        Continue SSR in English 9 and 10 assessed through weekly reading logs and quarterly reflection essays.

c.)        Expose students to a variety of literary genres with appropriate text complexity in all English classes.

d.)        Continue a variety of vocabulary comprehension strategies to increase word attack skills and reading comprehension.

e.)        Continue offering Reading remediation.

e.)                Use MAP test results to diagnose and target student weaknesses.

HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



1.)        To meet or exceed the state standard.

Action Plan

a.)        Offer incentives to students to write complete sentences in their work in all applicable classes.

b.)        Continue six-trait writing in all English classes as a formative tool as well as utilizing rubrics that reflect six-trait writing.

c.)        Focus on expository,  persuasive  and research-based essay formats in English 9 and 10.

d.)        Continue offering writing remediation.

HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



1.)  Continue meaningful staff development in the areas of quality instruction.

Action Plan

a.)    Continue utilizing Monday late start PLC time for staff development during the

2015-2016 school year.

b.)    Encourage staff to attend meaningful workshops and conferences.

c.)    Compensate staff $400.00 a year for continued staff development.


2.)  Increase collaboration and communication K-12 at each building level.

Action Plan

a.)    Continue utilizing Monday late start PLC time for staff development during the

2015-2016 school year.

HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



1.)    Increase student interest in Science and preparedness for Biology EOC.

Action Plan

1.)    In science lessons, the teacher will relate science to careers and to the students’ everyday lives when applicable.

2.)    Encourage students to participate in the Bi-County STEM Challenge.

3.)    Teacher will incorporate hands-on practical exercises or labs that follow scientific method within course framework.

4.)    Students will be encouraged to take science courses that prepare them for higher education.

HIGH SCHOOL 2015-2016



·         We will provide and implement Chromebooks on a 1:1 basis in the ninth through twelfth grades.

·         We will integrate technology into all academic areas for research, remediation, practice, publishing and testing.


1.                  To encourage the use of technology at home to support school learning.

2.                  To encourage parents to use the Skyward system and maintain involvement in students’ classes and assignments

3.                  To encourage families and community members to access the spraguelamont.org website for school information and involvement opportunities.

TARGET AREA:     Community Involvement


           To increase involvement with students, teachers, family members and community members to create a strong school culture.


  1. To provide access to the school and students by the community for nonacademic activities (i.e. activities in the gym, food bank distribution, community clean up, senior lunches)

  1. To increase involvement by families and community members in school activities. (i.e. assemblies, concerts, field trips, child find, open house, parent/teacher conferences, family fun night)

  1. To increase the input given by parents in decision making  (i.e. school board meeting attendance, surveys)

4.      To engage parents in the educational process by sending home a short survey two times per year seeking parental input regarding school programs and individual student needs.


·         Data is used at every step of the school plan and in all areas.  Curriculum based measures are used in reading and math to assess at the end of each unit.  Decisions are then made based on that data to reteach or move on.

·         District wide MAP are given to all students 2 times per year.

·         MAP scores are also used to show student growth for Highly Capable Programs.

State assessments are given in ninth, tenth and eleventh grade.  This information is used at the district level to make curriculum, staffing and scheduling decisions.

Recognition of non-academic student learning:

Students of Character

·         Monthly character trait taught, practiced and recognized

·         Monthly award ceremonies in grade school and high school to recognize student hard work and acts of character

Student of the Week

·         Staff rotate choosing a student to be recognized in the two nearest community newspapers

Student of the Month

·         A student of the month is voted on by staff members and recognized in the awards assembly.

Participation in athletics

·         High school students participate in local co-op for sports

·         School supports local students during play-off with treats and assemblies

·         Bronco Friday when all students and staff wear Bronco shirts to show school spirit

Monthly newsletter is sent out to all post office box holders in the district

·         Staff members write articles with subject matter that recognizes students for non-academic reasons.

§  Plan posted to spraguelamont.org

§  Notice of plan publication in  newsletter mailed to community

§  Approved by school board: 10-14-15