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Turkey Egg Candling

posted Apr 27, 2015, 9:32 AM by Stefani Kanzler

In the First/Second Grade, we are learning about plant and animal life cycles. To help students see these cycles in action, we are observing turkey eggs. 
The eggs were placed in the incubator on April 6th. We have candled them on the 7th & 14 days of incubation. We will have one more candling on the 21st day. This helps students see how the poult embryos are developing.
The turner in the incubator, that ensures the poults don't become attached to the shells, will be removed on May 1st (25th day of incubation). This is so poults don't become trapped in the turner when they start hatching.
The poults should begin hatching on/around May 4th (28th day of incubation). It could take up to a week for poults to hatch. 
Here is a video of our most recent candling, day 14.