Sprague Title 1 Forms
Sprague Title 1 Forms
Sprague Title 1 Forms

Sprague Elementary

Title I

  • Each year districts are required to publish a report card with information about student achievement. Click OSPI link at left to view Sprague's Report card.

  • Part of a Title I program is a compact between students, parents and the school identifying responsibilities of each in student success. Parents should receive a copy of this compact with their annual registration. If you need an additional copy, you can find one here by clicking the link at left or contact the office.

  • Sprague School District has adopted Policies and Procedures for Title I parent involvement. These can also be found in the elementary hallway and attached below.

  • We want your feedback. If you have questions or ideas regarding our Title I program please come to a meeting, contact the Special Programs Director, Pam Schermerhorn, or submit a written Feedback Form.

  • Title I is a federal program. Anyone can file a complaint that alleges a violation of a federal rule, law or regulation.

  • Parents in a Title I school have the right to request information regarding the professional qualifications of their student's classroom teacher and paraeducator. More.... Contact the school office to request this information.

  • Sprague Elementary School updates its Parent Involvement Plan annually. You can find copies of this plan in the elementary handbook, in the elementary hallway and here


Sprague Elementary School Code is wa2726

Sprague Elementary School Code wa2726