Elementary School

General Information

The Elementary Staff are so excited to have students back in the classroom! They have worked so hard to help make that happen, but it's a process that won't be fully "normal" overnight. Elementary runs from 8:13 to 2:55 Monday through Thursday. On Fridays Elementary will run from 8:13-11:40.

Elementary Teachers

Jessi Hodge- Pre-School Teacher/Para-educatorjhodge@sprague.wednet.eduStaff Page
Ginny Ressel- First Grade Teachergressel@sprague.wednet.edu
Hannah Schoultz- Second Grade Teacherhschoultz@sprague.wednet.edu
Molly Cooke- Third Grade Teacher/E.S. Counselormcooke@sprague.wednet.edu

Other Elementary Contacts

Bill Ressel- Superintendent/Elementary Principal/H.S. Principalbressel@sprague.wednet.edu
Pam Schermerhorn- Special Educationpschermerhorn@sprague.wednet.eduStaff Page
Stefani Kanzler- Librarian/IT Coordinatorskanzler@sprague.wednet.eduStaff Page