Sprague High School has a very active ASB (Associated Student Body).  Officers are elected in May so that they can meet over the summer to start planning activities for our student body.  We have six officers: President, Vice President, Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.  They all put their hearts into cultivating and nurturing an environment in our high school where students are involved and supported.  

During the fall, ASB is in charge of planning the back-to-school skit, welcome pack, Homecoming activities, and they also create individual locker posters for every student and staff member.  

Winter activities include an Alumni Career Fair, activities for the day we are released for Winter Break, and Kindness Week. 

Springtime means it is time to plan the school Easter Egg Hunt, elections for new officers, and a kickball tournament that is held as a joint activity between Lamont Middle School and Sprague High School. This activity is a great ice-breaker for the upcoming freshman.  

Throughout the year, the officers make sure each student receives at least one “Random Act of Kindness” (RAK) left in their locker to remind them that they are cared for and that there is help for whatever challenges they are facing.  

We are proud of our Ohana Environment, which is reflected in the dedication and sincerity it takes to be an ASB officer.