What is a Child Find Screening?

Screening is a free check of your child's development  including:

Large muscle development      

Eye-hand coordination (fine motor skills)



Personal-social skills 

Self-help skills 

What is the purpose of a Child Find Screening?

The purpose of the screen is to identify any factors that may interfere with your child's learning, growth, and development.  The screening is also provided to help parents identify their child's strengths and weaknesses and provide home suggestions.

What happens during a Child Find Screening?

Your child may stack small blocks, cut with a scissors, draw, count, name colors, jump, and have fun!  Following the screening, you will receive written follow up with your child’s results.  You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about your child’s development.  You may be given home suggestions, referred on for further testing, or be scheduled to have skills rechecked at a later date.  The screening process usually takes about 60 minutes.

Who is eligible to be screened?

Any child, birth to age five, in the Sprague or Lamont School Districts whose family or care givers would like more information about their child’s development.  If your family is living in a temporary situation, you may contact the district where you are staying to attend a screening.