Special Education

All children grow and develop at their own pace.  Some students however, need additional support to reach their full potential.  School Districts have a duty to locate students residing within the district who my be in need of special education.

The school district can provide free of charge to children, birth to 21:

Evaluation and Eligibility

Ages 3-5 (preschool)

Helpful Links

OSPI Engagement and Guidance for Families- Special Education in WA State

PAVE: providing support, training, information and resources to empower and give voice to individuals, youth and families impacted by disabilities.  


Director of Special Education: Pam Schermerhorn (pschermerhorn@sprague.wednet.edu)

Elementary Special Education Teacher: Pam Schermerhorn (pschermerhorn@sprague.wednet.edu)

High School Special Education Teacher: Karen Estes (kestes@sprague.wednet.edu)