Special Education Records

Sprague School District keeps evaluation and IEP records for 7 years following a student's exit from special education services.

If you received special education services when enrolled in Sprague School District, or are the parent or legal guardian of a student that received services, you can request records by calling the school office 509-257-2591, or click here.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Notification of Destruction of Special Education Records.

Notice is hereby given that Sprague School District intends to destroy the special education records of all students who exited special education seven years past their graduation date, per the district's retention policy and Washington Administrative Code (WAC 392-172A-05235). This includes students who graduated public education, moved to another district while receiving services in Sprague, or tested out of special education.

Sprague School District does maintain a high school transcript, without a time limitation. 

Please note that you must be the parent or legal guardian of the student, or the student themselves to obtain the records and proper identification will be required. If the student is over 18, there needs to be documentation that the student releases the information to their parents. No records will be mailed, you will need to be physically present to obtain the records. 

If no student, parent or legal guardian responds to this public notice, the school district will assume consent to destroy the entire special education record specific to the student.  Any special education records not claimed will be destroyed in accordance with state and federal regulations.